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Home Health

CHRISTUS HomeCare offers services to clients in the home following illness or injury. This can benefit patients in many ways:

  • Promotes recovery time from injuries, surgeries, or other health problems with the attention of a specialized home care team.
  • Supports learning about diseases such as diabetes or the use of medical equipment, all within the comfort of a familiar home environment.
  • Convenience-Patients have regularly scheduled visits without leaving home.
  • Privacy-Patients are in their homes rather than an office or exam room.
  • Comfort-Patients are in a familiar and safe place.
  • Cost effectiveness-Home health care usually is less expensive compared with a long-term hospital or nursing home stay.

Care includes a full range of skills delivered to patients in their own homes when they meet requirements to receive home health. A specialized team of skilled professionals provides the care under a physician's direction. The team is especially qualified to provide patient care and family support in the home. A typical home care experience often includes skilled nursing services for wound care; IV therapy, teaching or disease management; and rehabilitation services such as physical, occupational, and speech therapy.

The goal of home health is to teach patients and families independence and knowledge of their health and keep them in the community. Because selecting a home health provider is up to the patient or caregiver, it is important to know about home health care and the services CHRISTUS HomeCare provides.

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